Title Mein schlaues Harfenbuch : Keltisches Harfen-Futter für die ersten 3-5 Jahre
Author Schlesinger, Reidun
Place [s.l.]
Publisher l'Auteur
Year 2011
Physical Description 121 p.
Language German
Type of Harp Lever Harp
Target Audience Children (6-12 years)
Speed of Progression Slow
Structure of Method Chapters on the fundamental techniques of the harp
Type of Illustrations Photos; Drawings; Sound disc
Style of Music Classical; Irish
Musical Structure Exerices; Studies; Improvisation
Elements of harmonical Theory No
Introduction 1
Position of the Harp 2
Tuning 3
Elements of Musical Theory 4
Beginning with 1 finger 5
Beginning with 2 fingers 6
Beginning with 3 fingers 7
Beginning with 4 fingers 9
Intervals 8
Chords, 3 fingers 10
Chords, 4 fingers  
Pedals / Levers  
Scales 11
Trills, Tremolos, Bisbigliandi, Ornaments  
Muffled Sounds  
" to the free playing, to the improvisation, for the independent treatment of pieces encourage "
Basic learning of the position of fingers on the harp
Irish Airs with chords in the left hand
Introduction in the improvisation and after every piece, it is suggested improvising in the same style and with the same harmonies
Learning of the chords (p. 49), their function (p. 83), their reversal (p. 94). Presentation of the cadence (p. 108).
Formula for the accompanying (p. 112)

Many photos, drawings
CD with exercises and recorded pieces
Many Irish airs, exercises to learn the chords
Advices and tracks to improvise
Explanation of the chords, their functions and their notations.