Title Méthode de Harpe : Avec laquelle on peut accompagner à Livre ouvert [etc.]
Author [Anonyme]
Place Paris
Publisher Boüin
Year 1787
Physical Description 132, 8, VI p.
Language French
Type of Harp Simple Action Pedal Harp
Target Audience Adults
Speed of Progression Fast
Structure of Method Other
Type of Illustrations Others
Style of Music Classical
Musical Structure Other
Elements of harmonical Theory No
Position of the Harp  
Elements of Musical Theory  
Beginning with 1 finger  
Beginning with 2 fingers  
Beginning with 3 fingers  
Beginning with 4 fingers  
Chords, 3 fingers  
Chords, 4 fingers  
Pedals / Levers  
Trills, Tremolos, Bisbigliandi, Ornaments  
Muffled Sounds  
- " Learn to accompany on the Harp with the help of the continuo "

- The method is built to accompany three collections of Ariettas, which are not available in the method.
- Explanations on the notation.

- Explanation of the bases of the harmony, of the musical theory (measure, major - minor, tonality, intervals, cadence, transposition).
- Learn to compose a prelude.
- Proposition of 10 variations to accompany songs (written p. 275) to choose according to the taste of the interpreter.
Many texts and little example musical.
No technical explanations.