Title Méthode de Harpe
Author Gourlaouën, Armelle
Place [s.l.]
Publisher Atlantique Musique Acoustique
Year [s.d.]
Physical Description 64 p.
Language French
Type of Harp Lever Harp
Target Audience Children (6-12 years)
Speed of Progression Slow
Structure of Method Chapters on the fundamental techniques of the harp
Type of Illustrations Photos; Drawings
Style of Music Classical
Musical Structure Exerices; Pieces
Elements of harmonical Theory No
Introduction 1
Position of the Harp 2
Tuning 4
Elements of Musical Theory  
Beginning with 1 finger  
Beginning with 2 fingers  
Beginning with 3 fingers 5
Beginning with 4 fingers 6
Intervals 7
Chords, 3 fingers  
Chords, 4 fingers  
Pedals / Levers 3
Scales 8
Trills, Tremolos, Bisbigliandi, Ornaments  
Muffled Sounds  
Give the bases of the technique of harp for beginners
Introduction with a historic presentation of the harp and description of the parts of the instrument
Little text
Easy Exercises followed by small corresponding pieces
Chapters for 4 fingers, intervals and ranges
Very short method, does not approach all the subjects of the technique of the harp, uses very simple material: little developed rhythm and nice but simple pieces
All the beginning of the method, there have only whole notes and quarter notes used, at the end appears pieces with eight notes