Title Méthode complète pour la harpe, op.118
Author Labarre, théodore
Place Paris
Publisher Leduc
Year [1844]
Plate A.L. 7902
Physical Description 75 p.
Language French
Type of Harp Double Action Pedal Harp
Target Audience Teenagers (12-18 years)
Speed of Progression Fast
Structure of Method Chapters on the fundamental techniques of the harp
Type of Illustrations Drawings
Style of Music Classical
Musical Structure Exerices; Studies
Elements of harmonical Theory No
Introduction 1
Position of the Harp 4
Tuning 3
Elements of Musical Theory  
Beginning with 1 finger  
Beginning with 2 fingers  
Beginning with 3 fingers  
Beginning with 4 fingers 5
Intervals 9
Chords, 3 fingers 8
Chords, 4 fingers  
Pedals / Levers 2
Harmonics 10
Scales 6
Slides 12
Arpeggios 7
Trills, Tremolos, Bisbigliandi, Ornaments 11
Muffled Sounds 13
" This method having for object only the special demonstration of the mechanism of the execution on the Harp, we suppose the pupils whom it addresses familiarized enough with the general principles of the music to be fit to understand without explanation, all the signs were contained in this book. "
Introduction: naming, strings, pedals, tuning, position of the body.
1st part:-Chapters with a technical subject, followed by varied exercises and with numerous variations.
2nd part: 20 exercises.
For every technical question, the exercises are very pushed, but progressive, with preparatory exercises in the execution. All the possibilities of using a technical peculiarity and the way are shown and also how to work on it (very complete).
The explanations detailed on a technical question contain the position of the whole body.
It is adviced to work the exercises with different dynamics.