Title A Method for the Harp
Author Liber, Judith
Contributors Mehta, Zubin
Place Bologna
Publisher Ut Orpheus
Year 2008
ISMN 979-0-2153-1534-1
Plate MAG 207
Physical Description 105 p.
Language English
Type of Harp Double Action Pedal Harp
Target Audience Adults
Speed of Progression Slow
Structure of Method Chapters on the fundamental techniques of the harp
Type of Illustrations Photos
Style of Music Classical
Musical Structure Exerices
Elements of harmonical Theory No
Position of the Harp  
Elements of Musical Theory  
Beginning with 1 finger 1
Beginning with 2 fingers 2
Beginning with 3 fingers 4
Beginning with 4 fingers 6
Intervals 3
Chords, 3 fingers 5
Chords, 4 fingers  
Pedals / Levers  
Scales 8
Arpeggios 7
Trills, Tremolos, Bisbigliandi, Ornaments  
Muffled Sounds  
Transmit the experience of a life with the harp
The method has an unusual chronology. Extremely complete, it makes the tour of all the important subjects during the learning of the harp. Several chapters of the beginning are rather intended for the professional or advanced student , then a chapter for the beginners. Later a whole chapter is dedicated to reflections on the teaching process for the professors. Finally, a chapter on harpist's work in the symphony orchestra.
All the basic rules and the techniques of harp are verbally very well explained and detailed.
Chapter on how to work and gives fundamental notions for all levels students.
Chronology and speed of progress concerns the lesson for the beginners of p. 43 - 62
Many text
Musical examples taken from the harp repertory to illustrate the difficulty treated in the chapter.
Can be divided into three parts:
1) For the professional or advanced student
2) For beginners, adult aswell
3) For the professors: pedagogical advices.