Title The Complete Method for the Harp
Author Watkins, David
Place London
Publisher Boosey and Hawkes
Year 1972
ISMN M-060-83619-0
Plate B.& H. 20045
Physical Description 82 p.
Language English
Type of Harp Lever Harp
Target Audience Teenagers (12-18 years)
Speed of Progression Medium
Structure of Method Chapters on the fundamental techniques of the harp
Type of Illustrations Photos
Style of Music Classical
Musical Structure Pieces
Elements of harmonical Theory No
Introduction 1
Position of the Harp 4
Tuning 2
Elements of Musical Theory  
Beginning with 1 finger  
Beginning with 2 fingers 5
Beginning with 3 fingers 6
Beginning with 4 fingers 9
Chords, 3 fingers 7
Chords, 4 fingers 10
Pedals / Levers 3
Glissando 13
Harmonics 10
Scales 11
Slides 12
Arpeggios 8
Trills, Tremolos, Bisbigliandi, Ornaments 14
Muffled Sounds 15
« give harpists great help, particularly to players in far away places «
Introduction on the history of the harp
Construction of the technique is very original, introducing 2de Finger, then 3de, then 4th fingers, but in every stage develops all that we can make with 2 or 3 (arpeggio, chords) or 4 fingers
Chapter on every particular technique of the harp
" Progressive technical exercises "
List of didactic repertory (by level), selective lists of works for harp
Many photos for the position of fingers, muffled sounds, harmonics. Photos for every stage of learning scales and arpeggios
Many pieces written by the author. Some of them are included in the chapters of the very beginning and demonstrate all the possibilities studied in the chapter.